“As an agency, we have relied on Eric on many occasions – and always with extraordinary results. His depth of knowledge about all things SEO is exceptional. He is responsive and thorough, and a great team player. And all of his techniques and suggestions are completely ‘white hat’.”

Andy Cleff

I had the great pleasure of using Eric at an event I was organizing in Las Vegas. Eric demonstrated incredible market knowledge and was able to convey that to the audience, I heard from multiple attendees how wonderful they thought Eric’s presentation was.

Anyone that has worked with SEO experts knows that is a very difficult and highly technical area, yet Eric was able to break it down into morsels that the average business person could digest and take action on.

I would strongly endorse Eric as a speaker and expert when it comes to SEO. He will be among the first I call on when the need arises again.

David Atkins

“Eric’s knowledge and professionalism are second to none when it comes to the online world. He is a highly valued asset for any team lucky enough to have him.”

Evan Herman

“Eric’s years of experience within the digital and online marketing landscape make him a valued asset to any organization. His understanding of technology, the Web, and marketing have align his abilities to engage companies on complex digital solutions.”

Michael Dobbs

“We were introduced to Eric at Expert SEO Consulting several months ago as an expert in SEO. Our website had never optimized for SEO and was in need of a lot of TLC. Eric put together a detailed report and analysis of our site which helped identify all of the areas that required attention. Since implementing the changes recommended by Eric we have seen a significant increase in organic traffic and new users to the site. We continue to use Eric for his expertise in keeping us up-to-date on the latest SEO practices and making sure our site is fully optimized. We like that he can communicate what’s going on in a way that’s not too technical and easy for us to understand.”

Andrena O’Malley

I worked with Eric at Complex Media, while he was a consultant for UrbanOne, and recruited him as a consultant for Revolver Magazine. Needless to say that I believe he’s a true expert on SEO and that he can significantly move the needle for both start-ups and well-established digital publishers.

In his role as SEO manager/consultant Eric always produced insightful analysis and created a smart timeline of short and long term projects to impact audience growth. He’s a great personality and worked well with editorial and technology teams to move those projects forward, while producing great results along the way.

I would recommend his services to any publisher, whether it’s a newcomer or a well-established publisher, in the ongoing quest for relevant audience growth.

His work is undeniable, data is factual!

Alvaro Gomez

“I first met Eric after I launched my third website. My business had just grown after being a business for 5 years from a DBA into TG Travel Group LLC and was launching my new product line of photo tours, A Different Perspective. For this product I had done something I had never done before, hired a team—a project manager, graphic designer, IT and a SEO/marketing person. I knew that it would take time for new clients to find me after the website was launched but needed a jumpstart. I was referred to Eric, who immediately knew what to do. I was concerned that I was a small fish compared to the large companies that he already worked with but he never made me feel that way. He treated me with the same respect and protocol along with explaining each step of the way. Within three months I had cold calls from my website due to his expertise. I know this would not have happened without Eric. I highly recommend him.”

Teri Goldstein