Brand Keyword vs Non-Brand Keyword

Brand Keywords vs Non-Brand Keywords

When most people think about SEO, they think about three things: keyword research, backlinks and content. And they’re right to do so – all three of those things are fundamental to creating a solid, successful organic search campaign. But what those same people rarely take into consideration is the distinction between Brand and Non-Brand keywords.

A Very Busy Month for Google

If you haven’t noticed, May has been a very busy month for Google. They have announced 2 significant updates – one that’s already happened and one that’s coming next year. The Update that’s already happened On May 4th, Danny Sullivan, Google’s public liaison for search (@searchliaison), announced the May 2020 Core Algorithm update: An announcement…

Should you optimize for zero search results?

Should you optimize for keywords that don’t have any searches?

Like most things having to do with, SEO this isn’t a simple answer. My first question is, where are you getting your zero search volume results data from? With the exception of Bing, almost every keyword research tool out there provides you with data that’s pulled from Google Ads. What That’s decidedly different than being…